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What is cabaret?

TCCAN defines cabaret as personal storytelling by the vocalist through song interpretation. Devoted to the intimacy of the moment, the singer creates a unique connection with the audience through words and music.


This is a fun "Introduction to Cabaret" video.

cabaret snippet #1

Some of our TCCAN members at a monthly salon.  pictured from left to right, front row...
Oron STenesh,Jonathan Peterson, Rhonda Laurie, Connie Dussl, Heidi Zieman, Yours Truly,
Dr. Les Block, Joey Babay, Mary Keepers and Arne Fogel.  Back Row from left to right, Dean Elwell, Jen Eckes, and Kevin Werner Hohlstein.  Our salons are typically held at The Townhouse on University in St. Paul.

This is one of my favorite songs .  It's perfect storytelling for cabaret.  I hope you enjoy it too!!

This is from TCCAN's annual Cabaret Fest held at the end of Sept. 2017 at bryant Lake bowl.  I am accompanied here by Harrison Wade on piano.

Me and Trish Sisson, two classy cabaret dames at TCCAN's June salon at Blanches Lounge in the Townhouse in St. bombed by our own mothers!!!

Erin Livingston and Trish Sisson...two classy cabaret dames photo bombed by their moms!

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