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I have been making music since I was a child.  I was raised in a household that was committed to Country and Western music while starting classical flute lessons in the 3rd grade.  I started singing at the time as well.  I was heavily exposed to Gospel throughout grade school and was blown away when my classical flute teacher officially introduced me to jazz in 7th grade. 

I continue to enjoy mixing many genres into my work as a musician.  During this time of Covid-19 and quarantine, I am leaning into the newness of unexplored possibilities with my music and I look forward to connecting with my friends and followers via live streaming shows, Patreon, and eventually live public gigs around Minneapolis and St. Paul again.  I consider myself 'under construction' right now, as I know many of us are.  I will still be posting little tidbits on FB and Instagram, so please tune in there and say 'hi' when you do.

I also feel blessed to be able to build up my student roster during this time as I love teaching flute and voice.

I have the time now to write as well.  I am working on new songs, vocalese pieces and cabaret material.  I look forward to sharing all of these things with you very soon so please stay tuned for show information!

I hope that everyone is well and safe during this time of transition.  I am curious what our "new normal" is going to look like.  Regardless, we are blessed to have each other to adventure with.